About Xandrie


Xandrie is the leading international specialist in digital culture and entertainment.

We are currently engaged in a major acquisition process and are looking to strengthen our expertise, our overall offering and our international reach.

Currently, through allbrary and Qobuz, we offer unique experiences with a comprehensive range of digital products: eBooks, music, movies & series, video games, software, digital creativity, newspapers & magazines, and musical scores.

It’s never been easier to keep entertained, expand your horizons and cultivate your passions!

Xandrie was established in 2012. The company is part of the Thebaud group and is controlled by its founder, Denis Thebaud, and its holding company, Nabuboto.

The Thebaud group has invested in a range of entertainment and technology companies, notably: Acsys, Focus Home Interactive, IDM, Innelec Multimédia, Konix, MDA, Nitroserv, Numecent, Numeric Pipeline and Xandrie.

Xandrie now aims to bring together brands specialising in digital culture and entertainment.

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Why Xandrie ?

On the death of Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, one of his generals, became the king of Egypt known as Ptolemy I Soter.

He wanted Alexandria to become the cultural capital of the Hellenistic world, ahead of Athens.

In 288 BC, he decided to build a library in Alexandria.
His main goal was to collect, in the same place, all the knowledge in the universe.

Although it has now disappeared, the Library of Alexandria was the most famous library in the Ancient World, bringing together the most important works of the period.
It is estimated that it may have contained up to 700,000 of them!

It is in a nod to history and in homage to this cultural site that we have chosen the French diminutive form of Alexandria, Xandrie, as our company name.

Artistic Rendering of the Library of Alexandria, based on some archaeological evidence.